PiJava overview - Java 11 and JavaFX 11 on Raspberry PI

As my daily work mainly is Java and back-end stuff on “real servers”, I set myself for 2019 as a personal goal to experiment with Java 11 on a Raspberry PI.

While doing so, I needed multiple scripts and test projects. And because I strongly believe in “learning by sharing”, this resulted in a blog series with links to the sites and people who inspired and helped me, plus the sources on my GitHub account.

Part 1: Trying to run Java 11 on an old Raspberry PI

Trying to get Java 11 running on a PI… It doesn’t work and need to buy a recent one.

Part 2: Installing and running Java 11 on a Raspberry PI 3 Model B+

It works! ;-) And you can even run a java file without the need to compile it.

Part 3: What is JavaFX?

Short overview why I’d like to work with JavaFX on PI.

Part 4: Building a minimal JavaFX 11 application with Maven

A fully working JavaFX application as a single 6kb jar-file which you can run on multiple platforms.

Part 5: Running the minimal JavaFX 11 application on Raspberry PI

Steps to download the required JavaFX tools on the PI and run the minimal jar file.

Part 6: JavaFX 11 application on Raspberry PI with TilesFX and GPIO

Fully functional JavaFX application using TilesFX and GPIO’s.