Making a DIY drum booth

What do you get if you combine a drum-playing son and a father who doesn’t like to spend thousands of euros? A DIY drum booth! ;-)

We love to have a music-playing kid and as a father with video editing experience it was tempting to even start a YouTube channel for him. But because his drum gear is on the first floor above our living room, we needed a solution to reduce the sound levels.

Ready-made versus DIY

My sister uses a ready-made booth for voice recordings which she bought from Studiobricks. And there are others like WhisperRoom but they all have one big disadvantage: the price…


As I don’t want/need to achieve full sound isolation, I tried to make a sound booth which reduces the volumes and avoids vibrations of the drum to be transferred to the walls and floor.

To achieve this, I worked out a box-in-a-box as is described here or on a smaller scale like this one ;-).


This is a before (the materials) and after (Vik drumming in his booth). More info in the next posts (isolation selection, the result)…