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JavaFX In Action with Robert Ladstätter about LogoRRR, a cross-platform log analysis tool

In the next video in this “JFX In Action” series, I talked with Robert Ladstätter about LogoRRR, an application written with Scala and JavaFX. About Robert Ladstätter Robert is Group Leader for the Software Team at Nextsense GmbH (part of Hexagon) and develops software with Scala and JavaFX. You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

JavaFX In Action with Christopher Schnick about XPipe, an app to manage all your servers

In the next video in this “JFX In Action” series, I talked with Christopher Schnick about XPipe. About Christopher Schnick Christopher is a software engineer with experience in the Java ecosystem and desktop application development. He is passionate about designing innovative solutions for end users and learning new technologies and tools when needed.

JavaFX In Action with Daniel Zimmermann about JavaFX and Kotlin

For the second video in this “JFX In Action” series, I talked to Daniel Zimmermann. He got my attention when he recently tweeted: “To your dismay I have to tell you I write all my desktop applications using Kotlin and JavaFX”. Why is he a big Kotlin AND JavaFX fan? I asked him and got a demo of the network test application that he is working on.

JavaFX In Action with Pedro Duque Vieira, aka Duke about Hero, PDFSam, FXThemes, FXComponents,...

People who follow me, know I have a big love for JavaFX. It’s my go-to for every desktop user interface application I build. I love the simplicity of quickly creating an app that makes full use of the “Java powers” to build both multi-threaded “backend services” combined with a beautiful-looking UI into one executable.

New User Interface for JFX Central, the Home for All JavaFX Information

Just like Foojay wants to be the starting place for all info related to Java, JFX Central is the place to be for all JavaFX info. The website is a project started by Dirk Lemmermann and has been online since 2021. The team has expanded since then, and the content has been extended, partially by the team, but also thanks to many contributors from the JavaFX community.

Domain-Deadline-Dog-Driven Development

On Twitter - sorry, X - and Mastodon I asked the following question: “In software development, “Domain-Driven Design” (#DDD) is one of the many great (?) ways to handle a project. But who has experienced other types of DDD in real life, like “Deadline-Driven Development” or “Disaster-Driven Development”, and wants to share her/his experience for a blog?

Interview with Paul Kocian aka OrangoMango

Some time ago on Twitter, I discovered @OrangoMango, who shared his progress in creating a 3D engine with JavaFX. The shared videos started with a Rubik’s cube in January ’23, over a basic tumbling car in February, to a full Minecraft-like world in April. Who is this @OrangoMango? And why did he take up the challenge to create a 3D engine with Java and JavaFX?

Interview by Bazlur Rahman: Unlocking Java Secrets with Frank Delporte - Insights, Stories, and Tips for Success

On Foojay.io, Bazlur Rahman is publishing a series of interviews with various people from the OpenJDK community. I had the honor to be included in this series, and this is a repost. Welcome to our exclusive interview with Frank Delporte, a Senior Technical Writer at Azul, Java Champion, and a passionate advocate for all things related to Java and Java on Raspberry Pi.