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Interviews at the J-Fall 2023 Conference

I had a lot of interesting talks with Java experts since I started producing the Foojay Podcast. But when I asked the organizers of the J-Fall conference, if I could do some kind of live broadcast at their event, I hadn’t imagined it would be such an amazing experience! During the day I had 29 interviews, which I all broadcasted live on multiple websites (YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter) with the amazing restream system.

How to Share Your Work With a Movie or Podcast

If you are blogging about your work, at some point, you’ll want to share your experience with a movie or in a podcast. In this post, I want to share the tools I’m using and give some advise to get you started with a small (or bigger) budget… Audio For the audio part there is one very important rule: “Garbage in = Garbage out”.