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Review of the Elecrow Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit

People who follow me, know I’m a big fan of the Elecrow CrowPi, the little suitcase with a Raspberry Pi and a lot of electronic components included. I used it already a lot in my presentations at various conferences to demonstrate #JavaOnRaspberryPi. Recently, Elecrow sent me a “Raspberry Pi Pico Advanced Kit” for free, to test and evaluate it.

Why you should learn to program on the Raspberry Pi

In this article “Java vs Python - Which Programming Language Should Programmer Learn First?” by Javin Paul, you can find a comparison between the two most popular programming languages. Of course, as being a Java-developer myself, it’s not a mystery which I would prefer ;-) But more important than the language, could be the computer you are using!

Controlling a LED number display with JavaFX and Python on Raspberry Pi

In my book I explain the use of bits and bytes by using a shift register SN74HC595 IC and 5101AS LED number display. A number display with LED segments Defining the bytes for each number In the table below the bits are defined to get the hex/number value needed to light up the required segments (A - H) of the LED segment display:

Pong on a Raspberry PI

As a self-study project I experimented to create a Pong game + slide shown on a Raspberry PI with Tkinter, GPIO and physical buttons. Material list Raspberry PI, of course ;-) SD card with Raspberry Pi OS 3 boxes with on/off button like this one Breadboard for the first experimental setup Breakout connector like this one Or to help identify the GPIO pins you can also use RasPiO® Portsplus board Electrical cable with three wires Some breadboard cables Box to protect the Raspberry PI If you want easy control a bluetooth keyboard and/or Wifi dongle Assembling Connect the electric cables to the push buttons.