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A JavaFX Game Application in a Single Java File with JBang and FXGL

FXGL is a framework to easily create JavaFX-based game applications. In this blog post, I want to show you how this can be done within a single Java-file which doesn’t need a full Maven or Gradle project but can be executed directly with JBang without compilation. This approach can be used as an easy way to get new Java(FX) developers started or create your first experiments with FXGL.

Book review - Modern frontends with htmx

People who follow me, probably know I have a big love for user interface development with JavaFX (for desktop), and Vaadin (for browser). But as always, there are different solutions for every challenge, and building a web user interface with Java can be done with other frameworks. htmx seems to be one of those hot new rising stars, and I already wanted to dive deeper into it, but didn’t find the time yet.

JavaFX Links of November 2023

Have fun with this overview of the “JavaFX LinksOfTheWeek” that got published on during November. Core Carl Dea shared: “JavaFX 22 will be supporting platform specific settings! E.g. dark and light mode etc.”. See JDK-8319138: Platform preferences API. Also worth following: JDK-8305116: “Frosty / Milky / diffuse transparency areas showing desktop background” Dirk Lemmermann is looking forward to the next release of JavaFX: “We can hope to see CSS transitions, themes, and Platform API (dark mode, accent colors).

JavaFX Links of October 2023

Thanks to the Devoxx conference, there are many hours you can spend on JavaFX-related videos! But as every month, there is a lot more to read and learn about JavaFX… Have fun with this overview of the “JavaFX LinksOfTheWeek” that got published on during October. Core Last month Java and JavaFX 21 were released.

Controlling LED strips with Java

One of the most “fancy” electronic components is definitely a LED strip. It’s really cool to control a long strip of lights with only a few lines of code… But, there is a problem. The timing of the signals is crucial to reliably control these strips. Both Python and Java on a Raspberry Pi can struggle with these timings as they are running on Linux, a non-real-time operating system.

Links of the Presentation: Unlocking the Potential of Bits and Bytes

These are all the links of my presentation at Devoxx Belgium, Wednesday 12:00-12:50, Room 7. Unlocking the Potential of Bits and Bytes: Reducing Data Footprint for Cost and Eco-Efficiency In the age of unlimited storage space, we forget to consider the financial and ecological costs. Transmitting and storing data in XML, JSON, or (if you want to hurt people) YAML makes data human-readable, which is great for debugging and testing but is a very inefficient, heavy, and expensive way of handling data.

JavaFX Links of September 2023

This month OpenJDK and OpenJDK 21 got officially released, so links to the new downloads but also to the early access builds of the next one! Here is the overview of the JavaFX LinksOfTheWeek that got published on during September. Core Announcement by GluonHQ: “We’re proud to announce JavaFX 21 GA.

Java 21 - JEP 445 - Unnamed Classes and Instance Main Methods

Java 21, released on September 19th, 2023, brings many new features, 8 which are fully integrated and 7 which are incubator or preview. In this post I want to highlight one of those preview features: Java Enhancement Proposal (JEP) 445: “Unnamed Classes and Instance Main Methods”. It’s a preview feature, meaning you need extra flags to use it.

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